descargaLast January 19th, students from 3rd and 4rd ESO went to see a play in Salesianos school.

The play was adapted from the Shakespeare’s comedy  “Much a do about nothing”. It was very entertaining.

In the theatre, the actors sang, danced and acted and they did it very well.

The plot is about a nobleman (Benedik) and a noblewoman (Beatrice) which love each other  without knowing and without accepting it because they want to be single and independent. The servant, Bocaccio, tries to cheat on Benedik, his lord, because he is fed up with his demanding and stupid things. The lovers find out that Bocaccio is doing bad things to them and finally the get married.

The play was very funny and we enjoyed a lot. We also liked when some volunteers from the audience went up and acted with the protagonists.

Actually we recommend going to see this play if you want to have a funny moment and learning English in a different way.

Alicia, Cristina y Raquel