Aprender a Emprender

por | May 14, 2019 | Primaria

Last Thursday we visited Panishop and Etopia, two big companies in Zaragoza. Pupils in Primary 5 are working on a project called “Aprender a Emprender”. We are making some products to sell in a market on 31st May. But this is only one part of the project because we are a cooperative, we invested some money to start, we chose our executive team, we are divided in work teams…

At ten o´clock we arrived at Panishop. We sat down on the floor of a big room and the Marketing director told us about the company beginnings. After that, he asked us to divide in our work teams. Each group went to talk with the equivalent group in the company. At the end they gave each of us a delicious doughnut and some chocolate.

At a quarter past eleven we got onto the bus again and we went to Etopia. They explain us what they were doing there. They help entrepreneurs, people who have an idea and need a place and time to carry it out. In the same way that in Panishop, we were divided in groups and we went to visit some of these people. It was very interesting… At the end they gave our teachers two big boxes… full of doughnuts… again!!! But we couldn’t eat them because it was lunchtime. We came back to school very happy and at the end of the school time our teachers gave us the second doughnut… It was an amazing morning!!!!