Last week was Chami´s week. We did some activities about that.

Every morning we started with a prayer about him.

In the Arts class we made a picture that we called “Chamibros” because in this picture, Father Chaminade is similar to Mario Bros. We had to colour the picture, cut it and at the end we had to stick it on a black card. Our teacher told us that we had to colour it in a funny way and the result was amazing. We had two sessions to do it. All our pictures are hanged on the corridor´s wall.

On Friday afternoon we played some games in the playground. There were four parts. In each part we played different games.  In the first one we played Datchball. In the second one, “Pelota sentada”. In the third part we played “Robar piedras” and in the last one “Pañuelo doble”.

We enjoyed a lot!!!! It was so fun!!!!


Primary 4th