English week

por | Mar 13, 2023 | General

Last week, as we do every year, we celebrated English Week. On this occasion, we have decided to explore some of the countries belonging to the Commonwealth of Nations and learnt about how 56 countries and 2.5 billion people share common goals and work together for peace.


Pre-school children have picked New Zealand, so they have travelled to the Antipodes to learn many things about the kiwi culture and their original inhabitants; the Maori people. After learning some data and curiosities about the insular country, the children have gone to different classrooms, where some workshops were awaiting them. They consisted in making «Lemon and Paeroa»; a typical New Zealand’s drink, listening to traditional musical instruments and dancing some «hakas», getting some Maori face tattoos, listening to a story about a kiwi, decorating some Maori masks or learning the basics of Rugby Union. They have really enjoyed exploring a new culture and learning so many things about a foreign, English-speaking country.
In Elementary, each grade chose a different country, like Ghana, Bangladesh, Samoa, Barbados, or Antigua and Barbuda, and the students learnt a lot of fun facts about their geography, economy, history, and culture.
On Wednesday, all Elementary students travelled around the world, learning about the other grades’ countries, playing their popular games, making their own traditional instruments, and creating festive masks and toys.
Secondary students learnt about how an enormous organization as the Commonwealth works and mastered different aspects of each of their countries, through projects in their bilingual subjects. From the English language lessons, the students studied in more detail the country previously assigned: Nauru 1º, India 2º, Canadá 3ª and United Kingdom 4º. They went through different features and curiosities of these countries and their culture by working with texts and videos with the aim of taking it out of their classroom and in order to share what they learnt by decorating the corridors with some posters, caligrams etc. It was an interesting week and very collaborative since they did all group work and with a very positive result.
And to wrap it up, the whole school together made and colored a huge world map showing all the countries we discovered.

We had a wonderful time and we look forward to celebrating the next one!