Pupils of 4th level of Primary worked in a Project called “Te enseño Zaragoza” from 23rd January to 17th February. We worked a lot of subjects: Spanish, Maths, Social Science, English and Arts. We are going to explain you about English and Arts.

At English clases we learnt about our neighbourhood, prepositions of place, places in a city, giving directions, talking about locations… We practised with maps to ask and give directions and we  made games to locate buildings.

In Arts clases we had to create our own city in groups. Our teacher gave us a big White card and we had to draw a lot of buildings and places for children we would like to have and we all made a map. We included a school, a library a park, a café… and we thought what we would use them for. There were places to run, to jump, to have fun, to read…

To finish the Project we thought messages to defend our rights in the city, such as the right to play safely, to cross the street without danger…

We wrote the messages on post-it notes and placed them on the map.

It was fantastic!!!

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