pastedImageFew days ago the students of 1º and 2º ESO went to the theatre at Salesianos school to see a play.

We had a very good time. The actor did it very funny and easy to understand for most of us. We liked it.

The story was the following:

There was a murder in Sleepy Hollow. The grandfather of the Van Tassel family had died in the forest.

Van Tassel family was rich. They were Katrina, her grandfather, her father Baltus and her stepmother.

People said that it was the raider without head, who had killed the grandfather.

A detective called Ichavod appeared few days later to solve the case. Everybody believed in the myth, except Ichavod.

Later, the detective and Baltus went to the forest to look for hints. Suddenly they saw the man without head. He killed Baltus but Ichavod hid himself.

The following day the detective found the stepmother with the raider’s head, so she was the person who had killed Baltus. She wanted to kill Katrina, her stepdaughter, to become the richest person of the village. Ichavod stole the raider’s head to give it back. He took her and she disappeared.

At the end, Katrina and Ichavod stayed together for ever.

Noelia Andrés 2º A

Raquel Soria 2º B