Space exploration

por | Feb 4, 2023 | Secundaria

We want to present you some of the investigations done by students of 4º ESO in the subject of scientific culture.

They worked on different topics concerning the universe and what is around us, trying to better understand the beginning of space exploration by mankind and reflect on the future that awaits for us in this particular field due to technological advances.

There were 5 groups in all:
«First in space», «Populating Mars», «Understanding planets», «Space materials», «What is out there»
Each one of them approached the subject from a different perspective, some focused on the technical and social issues to face when thinking about travelling through space, some others in the economical impacts and the changes that new materials could bring to our lives.
All the groups had several challenges: get to understand the information they were finding, organise it in a way that made sense in order to share it with their classmates and, finally, work on a presentation that could turn on our curiosity and bring up some interesting debates and motivation to learn.
Being the first activity that had to be made in groups they faced the real obstacle to tackle: time management and tasks division. The global result was just a small part of what they are able to do, nevertheless there were truly brilliant contributions during the activity.
Clearly we have things to improve as a class and individuals and we will keep on learning from our mistakes, leaving aside little by little our shame to talk in public in a different language and being able to express our knowledge and concerns so we enrich each other.

There is a whole universe of opportunities to explore ahead so, LET´S GO!